Common Sportsbook Scams

I know there are many great sportsbook sites out there. Unfortunately, there are just as many scammers. There are a lot of ways they try to con people out of money. Here are a few common scams that online sports books run to steal people’s hard earned money.

Offers You Free Money via Email

One of the most common ways online sports books scam people is by offering them free money, even though the recipient have never heard of them before. For example, if consumer receives an email offering them free money, and that consumer clicks on the link, then they will usually encourage them to make an initial deposit using Western Union or MoneyGram. You never want to do this because there’s a good chance the company will take your money and run with it. A reputable sports books company sends emails to those who requested to receive them or to current customers. Scammers tend to cold call and send random emails to consumers.

If a person receives an unsolicited email from an online sports books, then they should ignore it. They could end up losing a lot of money by opening the email and falling for this trick.

Offers Large Signup Bonuses As A New Company

Another common scam involves signup bonuses, and it is typically ran by new companies. A brand new company simply cannot offer large bonuses. If a company offers large bonuses, the chances are they are just trying to get as many consumers to join and deposit money, but may not have any intention of paying out large bonuses. Be very wary when you spot a new company offering large signup bonuses because if it seems too good to be true, then it probably is.

Furthermore, if the odds seem too good to be true, then this is a bad sign too. Sure, the company may be genuine and have intentions of paying out the bonuses or other perks, such as reduced juice betting. A new firm simply won’t have the funds to pay out such bonuses and to stick to the odds they have promises. In the long run, they will likely take your money or you won’t get paid what you thought you were going to get paid.

It Launches Around The Beginning Of NFL Season

Many scams will launch their sports books company right around the beginning of the NFL season, and the offers may seem out of this world. However, NFL season tends to be the most popular time of year for people wanting to open new accounts and place bets. Scammers know this, so they launch their sites and wait for people to find them. When consumers deposit their money into their new accounts, they will usually just take it in that’s it. The chances are slim that anybody will get paid.

Nobody wants to be scammed by an online sports books company. However, it can and does happen more often than you think. Only do business with a sports books that is reputable and has a proven track record.

Best Las Vegas Sportsbooks

Las Vegas, also known as Sin City, is the only place in the United States where legal sports wagers can be placed. That is one of the main attractions to the city. The city is a home to some of the best sportsbooks that a sports betting fan will never find anywhere on the planet earth. Almost all casinos in Las Vegas offer a sportsbook where betting fans can bet on the days’ main games. Other rooms will offer more odds and games compared to others; however, primary leagues such as MLB, NHL, and NFL will have lines in every sportsbook.

If you intend to visit Las Vegas to place bets on sports, you may want to identify a good sportsbook. Doing a thorough research is the only sure way to find the best sportsbook in Las Vegas. The following list is for you if you are looking for the best sportsbook in Vegas.

#1. Caesars Palace Sportsbook

Address: 3570 South Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109
Phone: 702-731-7110

Sports to place your bets: NBA, NCAA football, NFL, NCAA basketball, MMA, MLB, UFC, NHL, horse racing, golf, dog racing, auto racing, boxing, and a broad range of props and futures.

Caesars Palace is among the best casinos in all of Las Vegas. It is highly trafficked and has plenty of action. If you were to poll 80 sports bettors in Las Vegas, I assure you that over half of them will tell you that Caesars Palace has the best sportsbook. Their sportsbook lies in the middle of (Omnia night club) and the poker room. The sportsbook at Caesars offers sports betting fans a 12” TV at each table and a fantastic view of their big 20 X 50 LED betting board. All the action takes place on (6) 12 X 15 big screens and (12) 50-inch plasma screens.

At the bar, sports bettors can play video poker as they watch the ongoing games on TV. You get a drink ticket if you place a bet at the desk. Those actively playing video poker at the bar also get drinks. The sportsbook offers ample seating though it gets very crowded during prime times and big events. Beat the crowd by coming early.

#2. Wynn

Address: 3131 South Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109
Phone: +1 702-770-7000

Wynn sportsbook is the second choice for most sports bettors in Las Vegas. Wynn is known for all the high hitters out there. You mention Wynn, class, and luxury comes to mind. Their sportsbook offers different seating options. You can seat at the bar, at the partitioned private spaces, or in the more public chairs. Most importantly, you can catch the action from all these spaces.

Wynn prides itself on having one of the most modern and high-end TVs on The Strip. Sports bettors who fancy picture quality will find Wynn the best place in Las Vegas. Additionally, Wynn offers betting fans a convenience that can’t be found at any other casino in the strip. The poker room at Wynn has its own sportsbook, making it easy for bettors to place their bets without having to walk to different casinos. Wynn sportsbook also offers food services. Sports bettors can order from Zoozacrackers Deli. Food can also be brought to you as you watch a game.

#3. Mandalay Bay Sportsbook

Address: 3950 Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV. 89119
Phone: 877 632-7800

Available sports: NFL, NBA, UFC, NHL, MLB, NCAA basketball, NCAA football, MMA, dog racing, boxing, auto racing, golf, and horse racing.

Mandalay Bay is one of the largest sportsbooks in Las Vegas with more than 300 seats. The sportsbook offers 84 monitors attached to the booth and individual seating as well as 17 huge-screens TVs. Group bettors are also catered for; they can book one of the luxury boxes or VIP sections. The luxury boxes offer up to 8 seats with insta-betting at the table.

Enjoy sandwiches and burgers served at the Turf Club Deli. The next time you are in Las Vegas, make Mandalay Bay your sports betting destination.

Other great Sportsbooks in Las Vegas that you might like

As mentioned above, Las Vegas is a home to many sportsbooks. These sportsbooks are also worth a visit Lagasse’s Stadium – The Palazzo, Aria Resort and Casino, Las Vegas Hilton Hotel Sportsbook, Venetian just to name a few.